Barn No. 2

 Despite what its name implies, Barn No. 2 is the Christy Farm Nature Preserve’s only barn.  At its peak, the Christy Farm was comprised of 450 acres of farmland with multiple barns.  The only barn that remains on the Christy Farm Nature Preserve is the barn known by the Christy family as Barn No. 2. 

The age of this barn is a mystery, but the hand hewn beams, wood pegs, and aged wood siding provide a clear indication of its historic value.  The Barn served as Barn No. 2 on the Christy Farm and housed a corn crib, stalls for tractors, and the cattle stables for the Christy family’s dairy operation. Now the Barn serves as a unique event center and the focal point of the CFNP property. 



Several major structural updates were completed in 2013, including a new roof and fresh coat of exterior paint.  The interior was completely cleaned for the 2013 CFNP Barn Party – the first public event held in the barn in decades.  This turn-of-the-century barn features wood pegs, hand-hewn beams, and antique farm equipment from the Christy’s “horse farm” – where all farming activities were powered by draught horses. 


This space is now available for rent.  The barn is the ideal place for a rustic wedding, family get together, graduation parties, or youth group gathering space.  


* Special pricing for non-profit organizations.