About the Cabin


The Christy Cabin is owned by the Christy Farm Nature Preserve, Inc. (CFNP), a non-profit, member organization administered by a board of trustees. 


We encourage all youth groups to enjoy the cabin for a weekend in the great outdoors.  The cabin sits in the Muskellunge Creek valley, below the roads and fields of Ohio.  Visitors feel like they are in the wilderness for a great weekend of outdoor fun.


The cabin is rustic, wood-burning fireplace, wood burning stove, outhouse, and outdoor fire pit. Visitors must bring their own water, sleeping bags and pads, cooking supplies, and other camping gear. The cabin sleeps up to 20 people on wooden bunks.


A wide grass area allows visitors to enjoy field games or to set up tent campsites.  An old bridge provides a perfect location to conduct Webelos cross-over ceremonies or Order of the Arrow Callout ceremonies. The Christy Cabin is ideal for troop tenderfoot weekends, camp Alaska, or specific merit badges.


The Muskellunge Creek flows through the CFNP near the cabin and can be viewed from a nature trail that was built by a local Eagle Scout.  


History of the Cabin


The Christy Cabin is located on the Christy Farm Nature Preserve in Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio. Built in 1936 through the generosity of the Christy Family and the Kiwanis Club of Fremont, Ohio, the Christy Cabin was donated for use and enjoyment by the Boy Scouts.  Since the 1930s the Christy Cabin has been used for a wide variety of activities by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other area youth groups. 


The rustic cabin was built using local timber.  Scouts who stayed at the cabin before it was renovated tell stories of being able to see outside through the roughly installed hand-hewn siding.  Since that time, the cabin has been renovated to be a bit less rustic to add more protection from the elements.  The most recent renovations are aimed at returning the cabin to its original rustic nature by fixing the original fireplace, installing a wood burning stove, and opening up the original vaulted ceiling.


Youth groups such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts use the cabin as a headquarters when enjoying the entire 150-acre nature preserve for large camping and outdoor events.

Christy Cabin