• Preserve nature and the environment on the CFNP property in the context of its historic agricultural use;

  • Provide a learning environment for area youth groups;

  • Establish and maintain a refuge for safe and socially acceptable activities with an emphasis on preservation of the ecology; and

  • Preserve the history of the Christy Family in the Fremont and Sandusky County area.


About the Preserve

The Christy Farm Nature Preserve (CFNP) is an Ohio Non-Profit Corporation founded by D. LaMar Christy, Jr. in 1989. Our organization was created to manage and preserve the 147 acres of former farmland, pasture, and over one mile of the winding Muskellunge Creek-a major tributary to the Sandusky River. 


The rolling landscape supports a variety of natural communities including: forested and emergent wetlands, mesic and upland woods, grasslands, and scrub-shrub habitat.


The Preserve  was generously donated by D. LaMar Christy Jr. and formerly owned by the multiple generations of the Christy Family. The Christy Farm historically was used to cultivate crops, raise cattle, and nurture work horses and race horses.


Since farming operations ceased in the 1980s, the natural hardwood deciduous wetland forests slowly have been regaining their hold over the Muskellunge Creek Valley. Our operations manager and board of trustees manage the property through active committees.


The Christy Farm Nature Preserve Board of Trustees granted a conservation easement to the Black Swamp Conservancy in November 2013.




Conservation Easement

In 2013 the CFNP Board of Trustees granted a conservation easement to the Black Swamp Conservancy, a local land trust based in Perrysburg, Ohio.  The Black Swamp Conservancy holds similar conservation easements on more than 14,000 acres of land in Northwest, Ohio.


The conservation easement was appealing to the Board of Trustees because of its dual approach to land management.  The easement simultaneously restricts the use of the property by preventing future development and other ecological disruptions, while also protecting the rights of the Board to continue to manage the land in furtherance of the CFNP mission statement.


The conservation easement protects the land from major developments in perpetuity.  Its main focus is preventing logging, oil and or gas drilling, eminent domain, and other threatening developments.  


The CFNP Board of Trustees looks forward to working closely with the Black Swamp Conservancy into the future to make our property a healthy forest and thriving natural environment.  Please view the Baseline Documentation Report to learn more about the ecology of the Christy Farm

Nature Preserve.

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